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    Allen-Bradley On/Off box - suitable for entire system?

    I obtained a bunch of these very nice electrical enclosures. This particular one has two buttons. One goes to a NO/NC switch, and one is just a NC i believe. Is this suitable to wire at the start of my incoming 120v? I have a VFD, Controller, laptop and dust control hooked to that circuit.

    Would I be better off to put it just before my VFD instead of the entire circuit? Thanks for any advice!
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    Re: Allen-Bradley On/Off box - suitable for entire system?

    No, not suitable at all for your proposed application. It would work on the control wiring of your VFD, but not the power input wiring.

    The switches are rated for ''pilot duty'' only, and can not switch large currents. They could be used to switch a contactor that would power up your system, normally using a standard two button, 3 wire configuration.
    Jim Dawson
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