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    Alphacam nesting issues

    Hello, I am new here and relatively new to Alphacam. I am charged with increasing efficiency across the board. We are running the newest version of Alphacam (2022). Our machine is a Weeke Vantech 510 with an 8 position toolchanger and a drillblock. When I nest multiple parts I utilize Vero nesting and make the nest program. When I look at the program it creates we have multiple redundant tool changes. When I say multiple I mean sometimes our 1/2" cutter gets loaded into the machine 3 or 4 times in a 30 minute cycle. I have tried teaching our operators to use Alphacams tool optimizer to reorder the tools after the nest is made but its cumbersome as they are hesitant to make any changes like that. We make professional loudspeakers and cut multiple cabinets daily and each time we run a new order for a customer we make a new nest based on the needed quantity. Oftentimes we make between 10 and 20 nests a day. Because the quantity is different day to day reusing our nests isn't an option. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Alphacam nesting issues

    Did you check this option?
    Alphacam post and VBA macros, Autodesk HSM post.

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