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    Alternative to Mitchell Electronics TI-5000

    Hi all I work at a repair shop and I'm looking to find an alternative for the mitchell TI-5000 encoder test system. The guys at mitchell have moved to a time based subscriber model (it used to be just a licence key and unlimited) and we don't see enough motors to get our moneys worth unfortunately we set up our shop after the switch over to subscription. Does anyone know of an alternative?

    Also on the same note I want to be able to run my motors. Mitchell provides the TI-3000 system to do this but again its subscription - I need a universal motor run system.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Alternative to Mitchell Electronics TI-5000

    Hi, did you find a alternativ for the equipment from Mitchell Electronics ?
    We are planning to build our own equipment !!!

    Regards from Denmark

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    Re: Alternative to Mitchell Electronics TI-5000

    I haven't - did you end up building one?

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