Can anyone help?

Machine : Vipros 357

Controller : amadan 04PC

Initially after installing the Servo Valve, we had problem performing forming operation. Before the installation of servo valve ,the bottom position for the forming tools is usually around 5.00-8.00 on the PHNC parameter screen .But now i have to adjust it to 0.05-0.1 and even need to reduce the die height to get the forming done.

Secondly, due to COVID 19 issue, this machine have not been operating since March 2020 till now. When we turn on the machine at the first day, the alarm "No. 2010 Press Motor Off" appear and the machine is not working. After rebooting, it can proceed to punching again. During the next few days of operation, this alarm appear frequently, affecting the status of my works.

Can you assist on advising us what is the possible problem?