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    Mar 2022

    Amada RG-80 with Hurco Autobend 7

    Hi ppls, not sure if I'm posting in the right section
    Using an Amada RG-80, I don't have that much time on it, but it seems like a good machine
    One problem, it's an Up-acting lower beam machine... I can't seem to set the lower limit setting with the lever on the front of
    machine....When the lower beam is at a height that is more suitable for parts being bent I'm assuming I push the lever to the down position
    The problem is it doesn't seem to do anything, the lower beam goes all the way to bottom stroke
    I can set the speed no problem with the other lever in behind it but I would like to get that low limit lever working
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Bill

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    Mar 2022

    Re: Amada RG-80 with Hurco Autobend 7

    Almost forgot about this post
    It was an easy fix... pulled the front cover off and lubed some parts that lock the height in place

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