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    Amada Vipros Servo alarm

    We have a RDV Servo Alarm on our Vipros 2510C. Checking the error on the servo driver it says "710". While "710" error does not show on the manual "71" does show so I assume this is the error we are experiencing. and it reads "Regeneration fault: regenerative capacity is insufficient, add regenerative resistance and lower deceleration speed."

    This error was preceded by a mechanical noise ( like something getting stuck) so I assume the Servo itself is not the issue.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) We changed oil recently. Is it possible that air in the system maybe causing something like this ?
    2) We bought a new punch we had not used previously and it happened while this new punch was being used. Is it possible that the springs are too tight and demand to much punch power ?

    Of course this is only what we are guessing, any other ideas will be welcome.

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    Re: Amada Vipros Servo alarm

    I will make my question more specific. After downloading the servo motor manual I find this:

    Attachment 484800

    Which makes me think the tool is to blame for this problem. Has anyone experienced an overload issue due to bad tooling tolerance or a similar mechanical issue ?

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