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    AMF/IMAO machinable collet

    Hi all!
    I would like to make an AMF/IMAO machinable collet for my workshop.
    Does anyone understand how the pulling mechanism inside the case is arranged?
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    Re: AMF/IMAO machinable collet

    hy yunk please take a look at attached image

    inside the base is a nut, capable of up/down movement

    od clamping :
    ... is used normal screw, maybe with bigger than usual head
    ... this screw makes contact, with the collet, towards the base (z-), and this creates the effect of rotation at the higher surface of the collet
    ... because of rotation, there is also an effect of pull-down

    id clamping :
    ... is used a tapered screw
    ... contact with collet is towards the collet surface (z+), and this creates an effect of contrary rotation, so the coolet expands at top
    ... 2nd effect is that collet rotates reverse at (z-), or at least has the tencendy to do so, but this is less important

    please notice, as explained in the bottom zone, that surface contact is only among a ring, not full face

    i did not draw them, but pins are used to prevent collet rotation among z axis

    pulling mechanism inside the case
    is a simple rota to linear mechanism; it may have a drive pin, a lobe ... it is designed to lock at blocking angle, thus the cutting forces to not be able to rotate it back

    a cheaper alternative for a regular shop, is to take a 3 4 6 normal chuck, and use pie jaws

    even cheaper, if your parts are simple, is a vice with custom jaws;by cheap i don't reffer only material cost, but also the time needed to craft it / kindly
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