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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Uncategorised CAM Discussion > Angled surfaceSolidworks CAM professional vs CAMWorks for 3 axis milling (TRAK)
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    Angled surfaceSolidworks CAM professional vs CAMWorks for 3 axis milling (TRAK)

    Trying to learn CAM/Milling and was wondering if it's works the extra cost to get standard CAMWorks vs Solidworks CAM professional. Didn't seem to have much of a difference and only need 3 axis milling, was told the Volumill was important but it already comes with Professional version. It's about $7K for the standard CAMWorks license, can't imagine spending that much on it but it is worth it? Only plan on doing 3 axis milling on a TRAK machine working on Aluminum.
    Comparison: https://www.javelin-tech.com/blog/20...m-vs-camworks/

    Also, what is the best way to get a smooth tapered/angled surface with Solidworks CAM (see pic)? Probably the easiest way is to place it at an angle and face it as a flat surface, but the surface needs to be a tight tolerance +/-.0005" and I rather not have to take the part out and re-clamp it. I assume using a large ball end mill and small increments to get a smooth surface. I can't seem to get 3 axis working in Solidworks CAM, seems to be alway 2.5D, any tips or info would be appreciated for this noob.

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