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    Anilam 4200T control for tool changer

    Not sure where to put this, I want to put an automatic tool changer/turret on a lathe with a Anilaam 4200T control and wonder if anyone out there has done so. The lathe manufacturer has a tool turret listed as an option and the control manual talks about having the capability of supporting one just not sure what all I will need to get this done. Anilam talks about using a sub/macro program to "talk" to the tool changer and activating different relays, I just don't know if all of this is in the control of if I need a separate relay board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Anilam 4200T control for tool changer

    I had thought about doing this recently on my lathe, also with 4200t control,I found out that sauter do a control with built in logic for certain models of their tool turrets, and all you need to do is use M codes to control the turret.
    But I never looked into it any further, I just know that you can download some manuals online that have wiring diagrams etc.

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