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    Anilam 5000 boot problem

    Hi I’m helping a friend who recently bought a knee mill with an Anilam 5000 control. It seemed to work ok at first except it often didn’t seem to turn on, but usually cycling the power brought it back. Then he moved it to another workshop, I thought it may be a bad connection somewhere so I re-seated all the cards and connectors. Then I plugged it in and it didn’t turn on at all. In fact, when the control on/off switch was turned, a lamp on the other side of the room went on and off! . As it happens, there was a phase down in the supply.
    Anyway, whether the problem was already present, was caused by the transport, or due to the electrical supply, the control either hangs during bios boot, or begins to load dos but immediately returns to a command prompt with an “Abnormal Program Termination- Memory Protection Fault”

    I originally thought the erratic booting may be due to a failing hdd so I cloned the original but it does the same thing with the new drive. Has the machine software been corrupted? Or could it be the RAM?

    Anilam has gone now, is there somewhere we can get hold of a copy of the control software? We have 2 floppies but they’re the offline programming stuff.

    I’d be grateful for any advice!

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    Re: Anilam 5000 boot problem

    Wild guess...bad RAM on motherboard another thing to start checking is Power Supply's outputs.

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    Have you changed the cmos battery? my aniklam 4200t was doing all kind of strange things, then one day it wouldn't boot up, changed the cmos battery and reset the bios settings and its been fine since.

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    It could be done many ways. Try it with optimization next time: https://thinkmobiles.com/products/pc...tion-software/ Works much smoother for me now that I've done it.

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