My B'port BOSS 6 Series II is dead. Last year the entire power supply died, but with help from some knowledgeable people, I was able to work out a way to substitute off-the-shelf power supplies for the 5v, and + and - 12 supplies. All other machine voltages are apparently set by the transformers/reactors in the back cabinet.
After about 6 months of performing as well as it had been, pre PS death, the machine suddenly developed a new problem. It would appear to start up, but as soon as the control panel lights went on, I got an error code of 70007 (although, sometimes, it is 70006). I searched for that error code and found a thread from 2016 that was similar. However, in that case, the code was 60007. I don't think that situation was resolved. However, I cannot go much longer without this machine due to work piling up and customers threatening to cancel orders. I operate a machine shop doing precision machining for Aerospace related businesses, a research facility that studies marine life, and others, as well as manufacturing a line of products that have sold in over 30 countries. This machine is incredibly important to me, especially due to the 15" x 30" capacity. I am stuck in the middle of a DIY retrofit on another machine, but the end is nowhere in sight on that project due to my very limited time.
If anyone has any suggestions related to that particular error code, I would really appreciate hearing them. I have several possible replacement boards, but no replacement for the LSI board, which MAY be implicated in the problem.
Please help if possible.
Thank you.