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    Another Powace 6040Z, not moving

    I recently bought 2 Powace 6040z machines and I can't get them to move. For troubleshooting I have been able to try software on both of them.
    Been looking around on this forum and the only other post I could find with the same machine, or at least USB motion controller card as mine, have had no replies.

    I have tried with the drivers and Mach3 software send over by the seller after contacting them. I have also tried a bunch of other drivers suggested in threads here without any success as well.

    Been trying it on a Windows 10 64 bit, and a clean install of Windows 7 32 bit. The screenshots attached are from the Win7 install.

    I get the error message in Mach3 of "No UsbMachBoard, please plug it in!"

    I hope someone can help me out to identify the USB controller board or the right drivers to use, or anything really.

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    Re: Another Powace 6040Z, not moving

    Quote Originally Posted by BTheKid2 View Post
    I get the error message in Mach3 of "No UsbMachBoard, please plug it in!"
    I think you might be missing the plugin for usb:
    here is what I could find on the installation and opperating this machine.

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