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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Any insights on a Busellato Jet 100?
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    Any insights on a Busellato Jet 100?

    We are looking at purchasing a semi-set up cabinet shop to make our own cabinets for a certain industry. The shop has a Busellato Jet 100 cnc. I can not find much about this machine online. I am wondering if anyone can provide insight into this machine, good and bad about it. Looking to just do euro type cabinetry, slab doors only, for the medical field.

    Don't have any other info on the machine yet, looking at it later this week. Also, if you have anything I should find out about the machine, questions to ask, that would be awesome.

    Much appreciated

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    Re: Any insights on a Busellato Jet 100?

    Is it a flat table, or pod and rail machine?
    Make sure the vacuum pumps and drilling spindles all work.
    Is all the software included, and do they g=have backup copies? If you buy it, you'll want to clone the hard drive ASAP in case of future problems.
    Never used a Busellato, but most of these Italian machine are pretty durable.
    But they can get expensive to fix when they get older.

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