Hey all-

I have a 1908's vintage Enco 111-3100 lathe. was drilling out some aluminum with a 1in drill, and the stops in the barrel at the end of the MT3 taper made a crunching noise and the drill started spinning with the workplace. I checked it out, and the drill stuck in the aluminum, took out the stops at the end of the MT3 taper, and when I took it apart, the barrel and the acme thread both bent slightly, enough that I had to use an arbor press to get the barrel out of the casting. Anyone know where I could lay hands on one of these, or at a minimum, the 1.5 inch diameter barrel with a 3/8 acme thread in it that I could retrofit? Failing that, does anyone here know what other model of lathe's tailstock barrel is 1.5 inches (or near enough I can skim it to 1.5) and has any kind/size of acme thread inside it?

Failing that, anyone have any other suggestions? I really don't just ant to have a chucker lathe. For reference, the distance from the bed to the center of the barrel. The barrel is MT3, the OD of the barrel is 1.5 inches and 6 inches long with a 3/8 acme thread in it.

Been looking for 2 months everywhere I can think of, and so far, nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.