I have been a member of CNCZone for years. I designed, and built a 4 axis cnc router table. I used it to carve many thousands of wood carvings for friends and family over the years. However, in 2019 a fire consumed my shop, and we lost everything in that fire. Thankfully, we were insured, but not for enough to replace what we lost. It took all of the funds, just to replace the workshop. I lost all my tools, everything in that fire. So, it has been a long slow process of trying to put together the basic infra-structure tools to be able to once again design and build another CNC router. The rebuilding process happened at the very beginning of the pandemic. The fire destroyed the surrounding forest, which had to be excavated. This required a complete re-landscaping of the entire front 1 acre, in order to prepare the area for the building replacement. These last two years of struggle, has taught me something new: My AGE (65) soon to be 66. And the fact that I don't have all the needed tooling to build another. So I found a used one on Craigslist and bought it. I have posted pictures on the forum, asking for any help in Identifying it. It appears to be some sort of kit build, (or perhaps someone's prototype, however I find that the extruded aluminum construction of this machine would have cost a fortune, for a one-off set of extrusion molds that were obviously used). I use Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4, and MeshCAM Art version 4, LazyCAM and Mach3 on an old XP computer. Would love to hook up with others in my area into CNC routers.