Hey Guys;
I'm a retiree living near Spartanburg (Lake Bowen) and have been driving a Torus Pro Servo since the early days. I started a PDB project many years ago and would like to have someone to share/work with in the design. It is very similar to the Novakon unit and works on a similar principal. I have never seen a "real" Novakon PDB (heck, other than mine, I've never seen another Novakon Mill) so the design is my take on how I think it should work. I've had a finished unit in service for many years and it works great. Any intereset pleases PM me or reply to this thread.
I'm not trying to take any business from Novakon and any units built from this design have no guarantee and they are "not" inexpensive to build but the technology is solid. At my age, I'd rather spend my time on other "more fun" projects.