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    Question Anyone route Lamboo? Laminated Veneer Bamboo


    Was curious if anyone here might have routed out some Lamboo.
    Its a laminated veneer bamboo. See here: LAMBOO® Architectural and Structural - Engineered Bamboo Technologies
    Not sure if there is any other similar type panels under a different name.

    Attachment 262246

    we need to route thru this 3/8"th material to accept 3/4"th Clear Acrylic that
    will be pushed thru w/ a shoulder from behind.
    Letter height between 3-7" (varies per letter). The Lamboo is just the background.

    Could anyone recommend a bit to use for this. Some corner areas need to go as
    small as 1/8" dia. Obviously avoiding splintering.

    Would be appreciated to anyone who may have experienced this type of material
    and could share some good advice. Bit size, speeds etc.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Anyone route Lamboo? Laminated Veneer Bamboo

    I've cut quite a lot of bamboo plywood over the years. The main go-to bit would be any compression style bit. Typically, I prefer the mortise compression bits which have a little less upshear than downshear. For 3/8" material, you may try a 1/4" compression bit (I use Vortex bits). There aren't any 1/8" diameter compression bits that I'm aware of, so if it were me I'd probably use the 1/4" compression first, the clean up corners with a 1/8" downspiral bit.

    Feeds/speeds are about the same as any other hardwood plywood. I'd go with around 15,000 rpms and perhaps 3000mm/min with the 1/4" compression (this would be a full width cut), and perhaps 15,000 rpms and 2000mm/min for the 1/8" spiral (not a full width cut, but bamboo is hard and may deflect a little). That would be my starting points, but you may need to adjust a little depending on your specific machine.

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    Re: Anyone route Lamboo? Laminated Veneer Bamboo

    Thanks for the reply mmoe !

    Been a while since the holidays, happy holidays yada yada yada.

    Thinking of getting the Onsrud 60-112 - 1/4" x 7/8"cel and do a batch of test routes.

    Lets see what happens in a day or so.


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    Re: Anyone route Lamboo? Laminated Veneer Bamboo

    Onsrud has 1/8" (#60-102MW) & 3/16" (#60-106MW) compression bits.

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