Hello All,
Built a plasma CNC table and I want to add an auto torch height controller. I'm currently running Arduino UNO to move the X, Y, and Z stepper motors and they work fine. However, lately, I have been doing thin gauge steel and have the problem of it warping so I bought an auto torch height controller made by Heavth HP105, the Z drive output on the THC is a PWM 24VDC output and I have a 24 VDC motor that works with the THC controller. The problem I think I have is that Arduino has 4 Z output wires for a stepper motor, A+,A- B+ B- . On the THC it has an input DB9 connector labeled as follows 1-Automatic signal (corner signal), 2- Manually UP, 3- Manually DOWN, 4- Start, 5- NC, 6- Arc transfer /pierce transfer (machine running output), 7- NC, 8- Signal com (common), 9- NC. Is anyone familiar with a similar setup and knows how to get the Arduino to communicate with the THC
Thank you in advance.