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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > As Anyone Purchased From Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. Before ???
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    As Anyone Purchased From Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. Before ???

    Hello there,

    I've been researching small Chinese CNC routers for some time now and communicated with agents from different companies: Acctek, Omni, Jnlink, Blue Elephant, and LintCNC (Lintianzhiyuan). After getting quotes from all 5 companies (including all the upgrades I requested and shipping), I am leaning towards LintCNC. I believe they are offering the best product for my needs for the best price (I don't mean the lowest price). I won't bore you with the model #, details, specs, upgrades etc. I'm only interested in knowing if anyone has purchased/imported from this company before and your experience with the quality of the product (any model) and their level of service (if any) after purchase. Testimonials, rants, good or bad experiences, horror stories........all are welcome and appreciated!!!

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    Re: As Anyone Purchased From Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. Before ???

    I have to say the Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co is a company that failured to comply with the terms of the contract and appropriated my money.
    I’ve got an order no 84767803001020042 with Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. It’s a direct pay order.
    I paid the initial payment in May 2021. Shandong Lintianzhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. doesn't want to keep the terms and conditions of our contract. Shortly after my payment, they announce they want more money from me. They said they have a bigger cost now. Exactly they wanted more - 380 USD. I didn’t agree. The router has got too expensive for me. I told them - give me back my money. They said no way. They can give me back only 50% of my money. I open the dispute. I opened a second dispute. They don’t answer me. For them is ok. They have my 1320 USD.
    Now they disappeared for me at all.
    They are good until our payment. They catch clients, take the money and forget about us.
    I attached what Jiao manager, the manager in the company said to me on Alibaba messanger. She knows how difficult is to sue a Chinese company from Europe. But she took and keep my money and for her, everything is all right.
    She advised to me file a legal action in China. It’s an attitude the manager !!!! Take the money and don't sell
    I have still an open order. Now I know. On Alibaba there are plenty of opened and paid orders that don’t realize. Alibaba is suitable for Chinese companies.
    I attached what Sophy, the salesgirl told me on Skype. They keep my money and put their new terms in our contract!!!!
    It's pure blackmail !!!

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