We are a wood workshop in East Africa and want start adding carved wooden doors as a product. I have had many quotations from Alibaba, but then after doing some research and reading I am not too sure some of those manufacturers are legitimate or will support afterwards.

I am looking for recommendations of manufacturers that are based in Europe or Asia (transport from USA is too high). I have contacted Blue Elephant (China) and Volter (Czech Republic) so far and am getting quotations from them.

I would also like to know if there are any must have features that will make this work easier? (eg vac table vs clamp table?)

We also tend to have sudden power outages here and it would take a min or so for the generator to get up and running. What type of back up system would be recommended for this? I was going to go for a UPS that would be sized accordingly. Or is it better to let everything shutdown at the same time?

I apologise if the questions are varied but any help is greatly appreciated!