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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > ATC on my PCNC1100 not referencing
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    Exclamation ATC on my PCNC1100 not referencing

    Hi Guys,

    Second issue on my PCNC 1100.

    When I try to reference my ATC , it rotates once and when the magnet is on the reed switch it starts to shake like it is not registering the sensor.
    Sometimes this will go on for seconds, other times minutes before I get the error that says "ATC I/O failure"

    My USB cable was damaged so I replaced it. (It arced through to the main body, cable got pinched somewhere)

    I rebooted. Made sure the sensor is clean of any debris.

    Would you recommend I update PathPilot because the software on my PC is old.

    Any other areas I can investigate?


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    Re: ATC on my PCNC1100 not referencing

    If your usb cable arc’d through the insulation you probably destroyed some chips on the controller


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    Exclamation Re: ATC on my PCNC1100 not referencing

    Thanks Russ,

    I found a loose connection at the 20 pin connector located above the servo motor of the ATC. The actual referencing pins were not making proper contact.
    With that sorted, I now have another issue with an error "ATC Button - USB command Rejected"

    So the cables and boards seems fine. All other commands get processed e.g. draw bar up and down, air blast on and off.

    But to bring the tray in or to rotate one position, the ATC needs to reference itself first. By choosing any of the mentioned options, the ATC will do a full rotation and stop in the correct position (magnet on the reed switch) and then gives the error.

    I searched the cnczone and found a very similar error from someone else's post

    It seems like updating the PP will be a good option.


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