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    Aurdino and cnc shield clone axis reversing steppers

    Hi everyone,

    I am making a 100W CNC laser.

    I will be using 2 steppers on the x axis so have cloned x an a with the jumpers.

    I don't seem to be able to get the second motor to run in he opposite direction to the x axis.

    any help would be appreciated.



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    Re: Aurdino and cnc shield clone axis reversing steppers

    Find the direction cables and swap the connections?I don't know too much about Arduino based systems,but if the same number of pulses are going to the steppers,it seems to be the logical thing to correct the direction problem.Just don't try it at the extreme ends of travel and only test with a very small movement.

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    Re: Aurdino and cnc shield clone axis reversing steppers

    If it's the common Protoneer type shield just rotate the motor connector 180 degrees. The shield shown in link below:
    Arduino Compatible CNC Shield Instructions

    I know this works because I've done this myself but the usual advice is to reverse one set of coils (phase). I found an explanation of why it works on another forum:
    Actually reversing the plug does reverse both coils, but also swaps the coils over, so it does reverse the motion.
    I.e. you can reverse either coil to reverse it, or you can swap the coils over. Doing all three will also reverse, which is what happens if you fit the plug backwards.
    And to give due credit, a link to where it was posted:

    EDIT>>> It just dawned on me you may not be using the little step-stick drives that plug-in that shield. If using external drives rotating a motor connector may be bad advice
    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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