I am trying to get a KUKA robot and an auto tool change magazine to work together but unfortunately with no success so far.

Essentially what I want to achieve is the following - the robot should know what tool has to be used and based on the TOOL_DATA[x] number, the robot should go and pick the tool with the same number from the tool magazine.

My idea to achieve this: I have to receive the TOOL_DATA[x] number needed for the corresponding operation. Then this number should probably go in to a variable. This variable should be an input of a function, let us say pick_tool@ (), where @ is the variable. Then in regards to the number received the function should tell the robot to go and pick the tool from slot number 1 of the tool magazine. The same is supposed to happen when the tool needs to be released. Let us say we have a function drop_tool@ (), where @ is the variable.

Example: Let say we are supposed to use TOOL_DATA[1]. The number 1 or the TOOL_DATA[1] itself should be addressed to a variable, let the variable be TOOL_DATA@. Then the function pick_tool@ () should receive the number 1 as the needed tool is number 1. Therefore the function becomes pick_tool1 (). The robot goes and picks the tool from slot number 1 of the tool magazine.

Could you give me some hints how to approach this problem?

This what I have been looking at so far.

Best Regards