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    auto z touch plate

    Probably a minor inconvenience, but seems that using the touch plate with a dust shoe is a bit of a pain. Before attaching the dust collection shoe it was very easy to rotate the collet when using the touch plate, but after attaching the shoe the fibers from the shoe make the bit hard to see and will rotate the bit on their own and sometime pull the plate off of material. Any suggestions on improving this operation.

    Also - I thought I saw a thread on here about it but can't seem to find it. After finding my 0,0,0 with the touch plate, running a g code file, i jogged the z axis and ran a second file. The second file cut high and did not return to the proper Z. Any insight here?


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    Re: auto z touch plate

    I don't know exactly which dust shoe you are using, so I can't make specific recommendations, but I don't generally install my shoe until the bit is installed and zeroed. Can't speak highly enough of Kent's magnetically attached shoe. As for the Z zero, are you sure you didn't lose any steps when you jogged the axis? I once accidentally jogged the axis down into the workpiece and lost steps and forgot to rezero.

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    Re: auto z touch plate

    Oh Man... I'm a moron... I have the Kent shoe... remove the magnetic part... duh! Thanks for the reminder.

    I do have a 1/2" straight flute bit that projects 3/4" past the bottom of the shoe at the lower most point of the shoe... Any suggestions there? I have the 3" dust ring. Would need a 4" one to cover the bit...

    whiteside C1072 1/2" straight cut.

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