Quick Question for those in the know. Looking at getting the AVID CNC PRO 48x48 with the Nema 34 Option, Spindle, Etc...

Looking at about 11,000 for the machine. I am about 90% sold on the machine. I also like if I grow I can convert to 48x96 easily.

Anyhow prior to finding AVID I was pretty set on a Camaster. The Stinger 1 24x48 is 8K base price, then by the time you add the spindle, laser and a few other options you are at 10-11k and still have a benchtop machine that's 24x48

Step up to the Stinger II and you can get a 36x48 which base starts at 12k so you are at least at 15k with the options.

At the end of the day my only hangup is Mach 4 - I know Camaster uses WinCNC and that appears to be a much better controller.

I come from running some HAAS CNC machines and Takisawa Lathes. I know both the HAAS control and Fanuc G-Code.

I plan to design in Fusion 360 and create my post from there as well.

Ay thoughts of opinions? This will be in my home shop and used for a side business. Basically routing custom inlay cutting boards, Realtor gifts, some furniture and other misc items as I get more creative. I would rather make the deep initial investment in a machine that can do more than I need it to, until the time comes I need that

Any thoughts on my ramblings? I'm just concerned about Mach 4 really.