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    Avid Pro Limit Sensor package connectors?

    I bought an Avid Pro4848 and have the mechanical part pretty much done. (well done machine design for end user assembly.) I am putting together the electronics to control it myself.

    I did buy the Pepperl-Fuchs limit sensor package. (I could have gone with cheaper Chinese knockoffs and will probably test with some) One thing that has been hard to determine is what connectors the limit sensor pre-made cables plug into. In particular I want to buy the receptacles to mount on the electronics enclosure. PF says the connector is M12 but there is a bewildering array of M12 4-pin connectors with different forms including alignment slots in different places. Datasheet for one of the sensors.

    Can someone who has been down this road help me? Are "Aviation style" GX12s the same? Do you have specific part numbers that you know work?

    Worst case, I cut the end off and put some other connector on it.

    The sensor itself
    Attachment 464608

    Cable end that connects to the sensor
    Attachment 464610

    Cable end that connects to electronics box. Need the receptacle that this plugs into.
    Attachment 464612

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    Re: Avid Pro Limit Sensor package connectors?

    I got all my connectors (m12, 4 wire) from automationdirect.com

    As luck would have it, I'm getting ready to list my (partial) controller box build parts on eBay. I probably have most of the parts you would need. PM me and let's see if we can work something out. I even have a custom CNC'ed aluminum bulkhead for mounting all the port connectors. I'll make you great deal, I just don't want to throw it all out.

    Attachment 464912

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