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    AXBB-E Controller and Closed Loop Nema 34 Motors

    I have searched the internet for this information but have come up short each time. Sorry if I missed the proper key words!

    I have an AXBB-E and I am attempting to use it with the UCCNC controller software. Currently everything is running fine but I have followed the instructions from the drivers (CL86Y, StepperOnline) and the controller. I haven't found an answer to is whether I should use isolated outputs or non-isolated outputs for the PU and DR wiring. My plan is to use this for routing and plasma cutting, thus my reason for thinking I want to use isolated ports. While all the documentation shows I should use non-isolated ports, they aren't specific to a plasma system and closed loop system. Would using isolated ports help with high frequency feedback from the Plasma Cutter?

    At this time my Z-Axis is not closed loop and I don't see the need to use isolated ports because I don't have a Torch Height Control module and it will only be used when routing.

    I asked the vendor I bought the controller from and they suggested I buy an upgraded controller but they also stated it was possible to use what I bought but it would involve much more wiring and that I needed to get the details from StepperOnline. StepperOnline sent me the manual that came with the drivers.



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    Re: AXBB-E Controller and Closed Loop Nema 34 Motors

    most stepper driver have photodiode/photocoupler inputs for step/direction/enable already.

    Isolated inputs are nice but I don't think they are a game breaker.


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    Re: AXBB-E Controller and Closed Loop Nema 34 Motors

    From the AXBB-E manual


    Digital non-isolated ports.

    Port#1 pins 9. to 17. are non isolated outputs. These outputs are referenced to the 0Volt (ground) of the 5V power supply.The outputs can push/pull 20mAmps current maximum with TTL (0/5V) voltage level.The purpose of these pins are to output step and direction or other high frequency signals which require no isolation
    You're wiring these outputs to drives that already have isolation, so there's no reason to use the isolated outputs on the AXBB-E.

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