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    Axcess will not reverse with homing/limits check box

    Hi All,

    Thought I was getting pretty good at Mach3!

    I just replaced my ancient PC and moved to an old PC plus UC100, loaded my configurations XML but now the Y Axis is backward (everything else is right).

    I have tried reversing my Y Axis a couple ways: Reversing the Homing/limit tab check box and Toggling Dir +/- (general)

    Background: This is a Chinese "IND_CNC" ("industrial cnc") which has been great for years. It is a large (5'x10') gantry machine with 2 Y axis motors. Since it worked for years as is, I have a bias against digging into the control and switching motor wires.

    When I reverse the X axis via the homing/limit tab it immediately reverses, same with Z.

    Does anyone know what might be preventing the Y axis from reversing in software?

    Thank you for your thoughts!


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    Re: Axcess will not reverse with homing/limits check box

    Is the Y axis moving backwards while jogging too, or only while homing?

    If the axis jogs in the wrong direction, then change Config - Ports and pins - Motor outputs - Y axis - Dir LowActive.

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    Re: Axcess will not reverse with homing/limits check box

    Yes Y Jogs in the wrong direction, runs a program in wrong direction. Y is just flipped. I will try this, I think I already did but I will report back. Thank you!

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