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Thread: AXYZ Parts

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    AXYZ Parts


    Looking for some parts for the aluminum vacuum bed that needs replacing on an AXYZ 5010 Machine. Unfortunately, the company won't sell us the parts needed. I wasn't sure if there are any industrial dealers that part machines out, and eBay doesn't yield any results. Does anyone have suggestions on where to look?


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    Re: AXYZ Parts

    I'm not sure how you would ever wear out those parts so I am guessing that you have a machine that somebody has run a defective program on and cut into the extrusion.Obviously it would be easiest to buy straight replacement from a cooperative supplier.My initial suggestion would be to take a photograph of the part from a few angles that show the critical feature and then use one of the image search facilities of the various search engines to see if they can locate something similar.As images aren't limited by language differences,you may find something suitable from a source that you would never otherwise have considered.Failing that it may be worth a few calls to dealers in used machines to see if they can help.The next step would be a search on ebay to see if somebody is selling a machine that doesn't work and could be used as a parts donor.If all else fails you might need to look around your locality to see if anybody has the ability to make a part.Adding your location might be useful as far as getting useful advice is concerned.

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