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    Exclamation AXYZ Router Issue

    Today while in production the AXYZ machine in our shop was having an issue with the dust collector, so like normal we paused the machine and fixed it. When we resumed the job the machine went straight into the wood, then the spindle started up and it plunged into an area of the wood it was not supposed to cut, proceeded to draw a few random lines, and then found its way back to where it was supposed to be. It was almost like it was out of alignment when it resumed and then found its way back. Has anyone experienced similar issues with their AXYZ, and may have a fix for me? Thanks.

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    Re: AXYZ Router Issue

    When you fixed the dust collector, did you disconnect a bare wire that went inside the plastic tubing and grounded to the frame? The plastic ducts need that wire to collect static electricity that otherwise builds up and can cause issues like the one you observed. It can also cause sparks that lead to fires and explosions.
    Andrew Werby

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