I'm new to this forum, so if I posted this in the wrong place let me know.

I program and operate a bacci twin 5 axis cnc. It has a build date of 2000 and uses an oaius controller. We are using alphacam 2019 for a cam package.

I have competed a lot of edits to the post processor because the machine would do all kinds of crazy things like tool change on top of the part, or flip from vertical to horizontal machining on to of the part. Now I can send programs to th machine and know it will always go to a safe location before doing any of third things. Also I can machine in all my axis as long as they are fixed.

What I can't do is machine a five access part while I'm feeding in all the different axis. Where can I find info on the changes I need to make to the post to make that work? Thanks for any help u can give.