Hello everyone,

So I recently started working with an industrial cnc machine for a small company and have been having some problems properly balancing the workflow of the machine. I am a bit new to cnc machines, I've been a welder for nine years and decided to change my profession because of the constant health issues that metalworking has on a persons body. So in my short working experience I could say that for a cnc to work properly there has to be a balance between the vacuum pump and the feeds and speeds of the router and spindle. 99% of the time I cut 18 mm laminated chip boards for kitchen cabinets and the usual problems are when the laminate chips off. Depending on where the part goes in assembly, you could get away with minor chipping, but not when you cut cabinet doors and drawers. The machine that I am operating has a working area of 2.1x and 4.12y in meters and the vacuum pump that is installed on it is a XGB vortex gas pump with max negative pressure of 40 Kpa. The router of the cnc is 4.6 kw tekmotor with a base spindle speed of 12k and max of 24k. I mostly use 8mm carbide compression bits when cutting. At the moment my working speeds are 4 to 5 meters per minute at 14k spindle speed which generates roughly around 0.15 chipload which was a recommended by the company that sells them. In the past I've tried to up the spindle speeds working at 5 mpm and 21k spindle in order to avoid the smaller parts getting pushed, but that messed up the carbide bit just after two sheets of cutting. Now the main problem is that when you cut the board there is no chipping off on the top side and you kinda think that it is cutting with no problems, but after you have done the job and look on the down side, there seems to be a lot of chipped of laminate. So could this be the problem with the vacuum pump not having enough power or does this has to do something with feeds and speeds and bits overheating?

Thanks in advance