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IndustryArena Forum > General Manufacturing Processes > Milling > Ball screw nut selection , help please.
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    Ball screw nut selection , help please.

    Hello ,
    I am building a CNC mill with tight tolerances and best components available.
    I am using C3 ground ballscrews by TBI .
    Professional input is much appreciated.

    My vendor suggested me using a single ball nut with medium preload whereas I have come across professional machines using ground ballscrew with double nut bellivelle washer configuration.
    While I understand the geometries of contact in both cases.
    My plea to go with double nut both slightly preloaded would be to eliminate any micro errors on ball surface itself even though coming at price of more friction and wear but shouldn't worry me since using big servos on all axis.

    I wonder if vendor has a valid point as opposed to what I found on professional VMC's.


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    Re: Ball screw nut selection , help please.

    Thank you for sharing!

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