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    Basic cnc build questions

    Hello all trying to put an old techno cnc LC plus back together (4696). When I got the machine it was missing several parts (including spindle) I have recently purchased a large Chinese spindle and VFD. Being new to cnc builds i have a few basic questions which I seem to be struggling to find answers too.

    1. I am getting ready to mount my VFD but have read it’s best to install in a metal box 4 times larger then it’s size to avoid dust etc. Does this box need to be metal or could it be a sealed plastic box?

    2. Can this box be smaller (Then then 4 times) if I run a larger computer fan?

    3. Shielded wire is recommended for the spindle is it acceptable to run the this shielded cable in the same drag links as all the other wiring for the servos etc?

    4. I am torn between a larger “tank” and pump for he water cooling setup and a computer fan radiator cooling setup that would mount to the gantry. I would like to be able to run for occasional 6-7 run times. If I do the larger tank system is it acceptable to run water lines all the way down the drag links (with everything else) to the tank and back up to the spindle?

    Thank you and if there is a good resource that explains these questions please let me know.

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    Re: Basic cnc build questions

    1) Not sure how a larger box would reduce dust. As long as the box is filtered to keep dust out, and has adequate airflow, and size should work.

    3) Yes, as long as the shields are properly terminated and everything is grounded properly.

    4) Yes, as long as the pump is powerful enough. Most cheap water cooled spindles are very restrictive on the flow rate, so you don't get a lot of water flowing through them anyway. If I had a water cooled spindle, that's what I'd do.

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