I apologize if this is in the wrong area or has been asked before. I just found this forum and though I would ask others advice.

I purchased a 2.5w blue laser from ebay to use with my 3018 cnc machine. Everything works fine but the laser does not have a users manual and have not gotten a reply from the seller. When I first power on the unit a green power LED is illuminated and when I operate the laser a small beam emits but no where near powerful enough to do any engraving (I think the beam is green but I am wearing green goggles so I am not sure). There is a button on top of the laser module that when I press turns the LED a bright blue. Once I do that and operate the laser I very bright beam emits that can and does etch.

My question is this, do you think I need the goggles when operating the initial green beam? I know you can say for certain just looking for opinions It seems that is a beam that can be used to test for material alignment etc. It would be easier to see my work piece if I did not have to wear the goggles during this time.

Thanks in advance!