Hi Guys,

I have 2 older Chevalier VMC's both are 2040 size. The other day I checked my bed for flatness and ran across the whole front then the whole back of the machine. Results were all 4 corners were dead on accept the front right corner was +0.001 (high). That I can live with but here's the kicker, the center of the bed both in front and back are -0.001 (low). Is there any way to fix sag in the middle of the bed?

The 2040MV has 6 leveling (jacking) screws and the 2040VMC-L has 8 leveling screws. I have leveled both machines using the outer 4 jacking screws and they are level across X & Y but my question is regarding the center jacking screws. In the case of the 2040MV machine, there are 2 center screws and on the 2040VMC-L there are 4. I am having a hard time finding information on this but for now I have those center screws all adjusted to about the same tension with gentle pressure.

I read that these center screws are to TRAM the head. Well the other day I Trammed my 2040VMC-L and it was dead on in both X & Y directions. I will tram the other machine soon. Sorry for the odd question but any help you can give is appreciated!