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    Best screw machine quality material suppliers??

    Hey guys, I bought a new Citizen A20 about a year and a half ago and dove head first into swiss-style machining. I have used Schmolz+Bickenbach for stainless and have zero complaints. However, I have had trouble getting material of other grades that is actually round and straight. Some of the material I have gotten from big name suppliers seems like it will shake my bar loader apart. Who are you all using for steel suppliers to get good quality material? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Best screw machine quality material suppliers??

    schmolz is great stuff,
    emj has a division called rgm, also great stuff and they have a precision cold draw that runns right there with ground stock
    aluminum i always ran kaiser cold drawn.
    most other materials tend to be a crap shoot. ex: i can get great 86l20, but 8620 good luck

    every purchase order we send out for 12' has "must be boarded or boxed", we now have our own boxes that get shipped back to the metal yards, material that show up without a board gets rejected, and the order gets canceled(too many time where I got the same material back the next day in a box, already bent)

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