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    Best suited controller software?

    I'm in the process of building a new table and have been researching what controller to go with. I've built a few tables in the past and have used Flashcut and CandCNC (w/CCNC).

    The biggest issue I have with Flashcut is the initial cost and the cost of add-ons. CandCNC with CCNC was reasonable on the cost side of things, but with no previous Linux experience, I trouble shooting OS issues was a struggle.

    Here are the controllers I've been looking at:

    UC300ETH w/UCCNC. Neuron has a THC the integrates into UCCNC, but I've come across some threads of issues getting the THC units due to customs. I know Proma THC will work with UCCNC, but I want the THC integrated into the UCCNC screen.

    Vital Systems ArcPro. This seems like a professional system with integrated THC, but in researching there seems to be a bunch of negative threads on Mach4. So I've very hesitant.

    MyPlasm CNC. This comes with its own THC. Overall it seems very limited on settings and as far as I can tell it can only control a torch, no plate marker.

    I'd appreciate hearing input on either the systems above or ones I may have over looked. The main requirements are integrated real time THC and the ability to add tools such as a plate marker.

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    Re: Best suited controller software?

    I use Mach4 an have doe for six years, it works a treat.

    I have a mill, so plasma is not my forte.

    Recently Mach4 has added a script based THC feature. Given that it runs as a script its bandwidth is low, adequate in most circumstances but lacks the high bandwidth of a dedicated
    hardware THC controller. There are a number of THC controllers but they have to be supported by and interact with the motion controller.

    At the current time the Ethernet SmoothStepper (by Warp9TD) supports the use of a TMC3 (Texas Micro Control) THC controller and Mach4. Reports are that they are not easy to set up
    unless you have previous experience, but work well once you do. Again, I have been told that the anti-dive strategies employed by the TMC3 work well and compare favorably to
    very much higher priced industrial systems like Hypertherm.


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    Re: Best suited controller software?

    Its a shame you are not keen on Linux as the LinuxCNC Plasmac config is without doubt way ahead of all the options you have mentioned.
    PlasmaC User Guide

    Even Tormach are using the same technology Plasmac uses for THC (just different sensor boards) and a sexy interface.
    Rod Webster

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    Re: Best suited controller software?

    Try to check RosettaCNC.
    It need however of an external THC as PromaTHC 150.
    RosettaCNC is an Industrial Certified CNC control with high immunity degree.

    Here a video with RosettaCNC running at 60mm/min (now full working at 88m/min) in a 12000mm x 2800mm plasma
    table with 200A torch and THC.


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