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    Beta 7 Available

    MeshCAM Beta 7 is now avaliable. You can download it at http://www.robgrz.com . Below is a list of changes included in this release. Please keep the suggestions and requests coming and I'll do what I can to satisfy them. If you've completed any work using MeshCAM then I'd love to see a picture and, with your permission, add it to a "User Projects" section of my website.

    - Added options to enable Coolant and Spindle M codes.
    - Fixed bug in Display Quality dialog.
    - Added "Show Bitmap While Dragging" option.
    - Removed the command entry window. Nobody liked it but me.
    - Change ASCII STL import filter to allow the exclusion of a solid name.
    - Save and load preferences on program start and end.
    - Added preference to remember open and save directory paths.
    - Added "Keep Proportional" option to open bitmap dialog.
    - Added a "Rotate Geometry" command.
    - Added a "Translate Geometry" command.
    - Gcode preamble and epilogue are now saved between program runs.
    - Added a "Geometry Properties" dialog to view the geometry position and size. Find it under "View->Geometry Properties."


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    Sounds like some good upgrades. They were quick, too! I'll check it out shortly. Thanks!

    San Diego, Ca

    ___ o o o_
    l---L - □lllllll□-
    ( )_) ( )_)--)_)

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Keep up the good work Rob, I like where this is going.
    Jim Short

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    Re: Beta 7 Available

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