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    Beta version 2024-06-06

    Is available here:

    Most important changes:
    - All input and output pins now begin with 1. First pin has index one.
    In previous versions some expression/python/API functions use 0 for first pin. Because this was inconsistent I decided to make this change.

    - Some parameters, that have "_num" at the end have this "_num" removed. For example "_input_num" was renamed to "_input". User manual is updated and all parameter names should be correct: https://cnc.zone/tng/parameters/parameters
    Parameters from "Coordinate System Table", "Tool Table" and "PointList" group still have "_num" suffix. This is also planned to change

    - Parameters now support string values and some old "$<...>" type values were removed. Most of them are related to tool names.

    There were also other changes, mostly bug fixes, API was consolidated and documentation was updated.

    I suggest you try this beta to check if your scripts need fixing. If you need help just send me .zip with your profile and I'll fix it. for you

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    Re: Beta version 2024-06-06

    I am using 2024_05_17 there ist no error or something if you start a script with _input_num| it just runs through the whole script just ignoring this parts. thats a high risk for damaged parts in ATC etc.
    Please avoid this massive changes to old parameters or print any kind of error when starting scripts with deleted unknown parameters.

    Are there any massive changes from 05_17 version to this one? Or just general stabilty and bug fixes?

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    Re: Beta version 2024-06-06

    Generating error is good idea. I'll implement it.
    There are no major changes from 05-17 to 06-06.

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    Re: Beta version 2024-06-06

    Working on this page:

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