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    Question Biesse Bsolid and Bsuite

    Hello guys, first time posting.
    Iv started working in a new company as a CNC operater - S wood programmer. We use Biesse Rover A and and older HolZER.
    My job is to prepare programs for Rover using Solidwork add on Swood.
    Im experiencing problem in which the simulation for program i prepare in Swood isnt the same as the simulation i run on machine itself, therefore the program isnt good.
    So my question is considering we have payed Bsuite can i install it on the laptop on which i prepare the programs?
    Becuse when i install the bSuite it asks me for xnc diretory for which im not quite sure where to find it.
    Sorry if a newbie question but trying to do my best here and its really hard to find decent manual on bsuite and rover itself. Any kind of help is appreciated.

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    Re: Biesse Bsolid and Bsuite

    Chances are you'll only be able to install it in DEMO mode, that means you can't save any programs. You'll also probably have to clone the machine and put it onto your office computer.

    Give Biesse a call, provide them your serial and business name. They're very helpful. See if you can speak to John. He's great.

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    Re: Biesse Bsolid and Bsuite

    Bsolid(bSuite) needs to work with hardware key, otherwise you run only demo (no saving files and more).
    When you install bsolid at office and you don't choose installing machine example, bSolid asks during the first start for d_xnc folder with machine data to import it. You don't have any machine data, so it asks for import. To get any machine in bSolid is enough to restore machine backup with extension .bback , which was created directly on machine.

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    Re: Biesse Bsolid and Bsuite

    BIESSE Bsuite 3.0/Bsolid 2.5 or other must have Safenet HL Key (hardware keys/usb dongle, HASP) to install & run it. You need to buy 2 Hardware Keys, 1 for your machine and 1 for your laptop.

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