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    Biesse Rover 23 Mach 3 conversion


    I am about to convert my Rover 23 with Mach3, does anyone have knowlegde of what card to use? And what more stuff I need to buy?

    To begin with, I just want XYZ, motor and toolchanger to work but later on also all other stuff.

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    Re: Biesse Rover 23 Mach 3 conversion

    There has been a couple of these machines converted to LinuxCNC and there are build threads on the Linuxcnc forum. There is a much greater range off reasonably priced controller options with LinuxCNC. Pretty sure from what was said they are 0-10 volt analog servos so a Mesa 7i77 will take care of the motion side. Depending on if you want to connect via Ethernet or via PCI/PCIe will determine if you use a 7i92 (ethernet), 5i25 (PCI)or 6i25 (PCIe) to connect it to the PC.
    Rod Webster

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    Re: Biesse Rover 23 Mach 3 conversion

    Here are some movies from the Biesse with new servos and mach3



    Since the servos has been replaced, if anyone is interested of the old servos, feel free to contact me.



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