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    Biesse Skill Tool Touch Off Help

    Hey guys

    Been helping some friends of mine programming their Biesse Skill 1536. I come from a background of using Centroid, Onsrud/Fanuc, Mach3 and the whole BiesseWorks thing is kind of totally new to me. I was able to get a post processor to program the machine which was all I cared about, and apparently they have an operator so it should be easy. But apparently the "operator" has been measuring the tool offsets with a tape measurer.

    Now, they have a touch off pad mounted to the machine and apparently it's been used in the past with a more competent employee, but no current employee knows how to use it?! ..Can anyone out there please tell me brief instructions and let me know what tab or icon to click on BiesseWorks to get to touch off the dang tool please? (Sounds ridiculous I know, but this is a new world for me)

    Thanks ahead!!!

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    Re: Biesse Skill Tool Touch Off Help

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