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    BiesseWorks Editor - how to cut "L" shapes?


    Totally new to Biesse's environment. Sending instructions to a Skill 1224 GFT.

    Just lately I'm learning how to modify the existing bpp files to create cabinet panels as needed, then sending them through Biesse's nesting program to get sheet layouts to send to the machine. I am horribly stuck, though, on how the heck to cut an "L" shaped panel - the bottom panel of a corner cabinet.

    I need to be able to cut the overall shape, and also place the bores for the adjustable cabinet feet.

    I've been searching without luck online and in the Biesse documentation for a straightforward way to do that.

    From all that rummaging around in the documentation, I can see how to create a rectangular panel and then remove a smaller rectangle from it. But that's dumb as dirt to do it like that because it then nests the bigger of the two rectangles, not the L shaped one... Materials wastage, anyone?

    Please, can someone tell me how to tell the BiesseWorks editor to make an L?


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    Re: BiesseWorks Editor - how to cut "L" shapes?

    You will need to draw lines to create the L shape, either with "line given end point" if you're use LPX and LPY as set sizes, or "line given length and angle" if LPX and LPY aren't relevant when first setting up your piece. You can set this as parametric by using variables for each length, naming them what ever you like "ED1" "ED2" etc etc.

    Nesting you will need "BiesseNest" and then import each individual BPP file, set your sheet size, number of sheets should be Unlimited, and then click nest. It'll then spit out another BPP file with all the relevant millings, drillings etc in it.

    Sorry if this is explained poorly.
    Biesseworks Instructions


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