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    BL-USBMACH-WS-3.25 Output not working

    Hi all,
    I have read various posts on these boards but have not found any related to my problem.
    I need to connect an inverter, where I need an output to turn it on and a 0-10V control for speed.
    I have set in MACH3:
    Spindle setup-> motor-control-> flag use spindle motor output, flag step / dir motor
    By checking the diagnostic tool and activating the spindle, a voltage of 10V appears on the AV terminal which can also vary according to the set speed, and this is fine, but the FWD-out1 output
    it never changes. (The FWD-out1 is decoupled, so when it should be active there is a GND) connecting a led between + 5v and FWD-OUT1 never turns on)
    I would like to understand how to configure the part relating to STEP-DIR -> spindle, because I have tried various pins (different combinations) but without positive result.
    I also worked on the OUTPUT settings, but without success.
    In short, to conclude the 0-10V work and are there when I turn on the spindle, but I was unable to activate any output.

    Another question:
    My stepper drivers have an ENABLE input
    to avoid motor overheating, how can this input be used? My BL-USBMACH-WS-3.25 board does NOT have outputs to drive the enable of the drivers.
    Thanks in advance
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    Re: BL-USBMACH-WS-3.25 Output not working

    If using 0-10v analoge to control spindle. You set it as PWM on spindle control page.

    On motor outputs page
    Spindle Step = pin number of 0-10v output on board. (ie 17 if yours is that(.
    Spindle Dir leave as 0.

    Dir is controlled by M3-M4 on spindle relay control page.
    You have M3 as output 1 yes?. Your board pin number should be assigned to output 1 in ports and pins.(not to spindle direction in motor outputs page).
    M4 is output 2 yes?. Assign output 2 to a false pin.

    So example if 0-10v is say pin 17 and dir relay is on pin 1 and board is classed as port 1:
    Spindle = Step = 17 / Dir 0.
    Output #1 = pin 1 port 1
    Output #2 = pin 1 port 0 (effectively inactive)
    Relays = M3 = out #1, M4 = out #2.

    Wiring relay connect FWD to NC, ,REV to NO terminals,
    Now when M3 is called the relay for your direction on P17 should go NC (on), when M4 called relay will go NO (off).
    Test using MIDI. If it works backwards tick or cross active high/low setting to reverse it.

    When running spindle S the voltage should now vary on Pin 1.
    If on the 0-10v output it is 10v at idle and 0v at full speed,, reverse this using Step active high/low tick/cross..

    Something like this anyway.
    Double check your pin numbers first..
    Test 0-10v out with multimeter before connecting drive.

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    Re: BL-USBMACH-WS-3.25 Output not working

    Thanks for response.
    The 0-10V output works, when I execute the command M03 S5000 for example I have 5V, if I execute M03 S10000 I have 10V. and that's fine
    Output #1 = pin 1 port 1
    Output #2 = pin 1 port 0 (effectively inactive)
    Relays = M3 = out #1, M4 = out #2.
    However, I also need output 1 to be activated, and despite the fact that the spindle shows how you wrote to me and as I had already done, the output never activates.
    I ask you, how did you decide that out 1 is
    pin1 and port 1?
    My card has 4 outs, I've never been able to see any status change.
    out1 (which can be FWD), out2 are decoupled so they "pull" the terminal to GND, while out3 and out4 are driven by ic buffer.

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    Re: BL-USBMACH-WS-3.25 Output not working

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_6320 (2).jpg 
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    I bought another card from another supplier who gave me the one on the left.
    With it all is well, out 1 turns on and off when I turn the spindle on or off, as it should be.
    So either the drivers that I have been provided for 3.25 are not good or the card is faulty (board on the DX)

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