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    Bluecarve ballscrew design

    What is your opinion on this ballscrew design being sold as a hobby machine , no support or thrust control on any axis ?

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    Community Moderator Jim Dawson's Avatar
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    Re: Bluecarve ballscrew design

    Most likely not very robust. The motor is not really designed for axial thrust load.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Bluecarve ballscrew design

    Like Jim says. The ball screw will have a lot of play in it along its long axis; cutting forces will be able to push it around, so expect poor cut quality and forget about precision. But it's a lot cheaper to do it that way than to have to provide all those bearings and such.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Bluecarve ballscrew design

    It seems to have the same setup on every axis including the Z

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    Re: Bluecarve ballscrew design

    It works good enough to sell the machine. After a while it stops working, then you need to replace the broken motor and redesign the ballscrew mount.

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