I have an old BMC 20 the machine is running great but my drive has a bunch of bad sectors and i want to make myself a replacement. I tried to clone my current drive but the bad sectors keep making the cloning software have errors. I have the drive ready with the executive_1 and part_progs partitions. I copied all the files also. I don't think i have the right utility for the boot sector. I tried to copy the boot sector and that didn't work either. The utility i have i downloaded from internet and it is the bootsrtp .bin file. When i load it it says its successful but the machine would not boot. I put my drive into an old pc and i am using the floppy emulator to load the dos utility's. Does anyone have the correct dos disk files to load the boot loader on my replacement drive. I am using the exact same drive 210mb that is currently in my machine. I might even switch to a compact flash and ditch the hard drive totally. The disk i am using is called hurco fs utility And i think that might be wrong. Does anyone have an image file i could get even? I have floppy's in the cabinet but they are for the factory software that has since been upgraded.
Thank You for any suggestions