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    BobCAD CAM V33 Just Released!

    BobCAD CAM released Version V33

    Available in the following languages:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Turkish
    • Japanese
    • Czech
    • Portuguese

    Here are the Top 10 new options BobCAD has to offer.

    MachiningCloud Import

    Build tool assemblies and directly import them to BobCAD's tool crib or tool library. The new XML import options allows the import of 3rd party tool lists. MachiningCloud is the first partnership to take advantage of this new option making tool library customization easier than any previous version.

    Barrel Mills

    Barrel Mill Tools are now supported for 3, 4, and 5 axis toolpaths. Standard, Advanced, Tangent, Lens, Taper, Double & Section Barrel Mills are supported and come installed in BobCAD's tool library.

    Steep Shallow Operation

    Best target steep and shallow geometry with a single toolpath operation. Choose from planar or equidistant for shallow areas. This toolpath engine results in up to 6X faster calculation times.


    BobCAD now supports probing, choose from 41 cycles to setup your tools, set your work offset or in process inspection.

    Hole Feature Recognition

    Automatically finds hole sizes and depths. Pre populates operations types with rules found in the customizable knowledge base. On the fly edits that allow users to override settings if needed.

    Corner Slowdown

    Feed rate option to ramp down cutting feeds on all, external or internal corners.

    Chip Breaking Cycle

    Use with roughing and finishing operations that forces a chip break by tool motion. Adjust the length of cut, time, or length of chip.

    Advanced Holes

    Design holes in 3D using point locations. User defined hole, counterbore, chamfer and threads sizes.

    Align to Coordinate System

    Move geometry into position from any orientation using a from and to UCS(user coordinate system) . Great for moving parts to zero that are on compound angles.

    View to Active UCS

    Normalizes views to the active user coordinate system. Making it easier to view and draw on different planes of geometry.

    To see all the new features use this link https://bobcad.com/products/whats-ne...rce=CNCZ_91520
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Re: BobCAD CAM V33 Just Released!

    is probing available on the demo version of v33? do you have to have macro programs in the machine for your post to call out? just wondering how it works.

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    Re: BobCAD CAM V33 Just Released!

    Hello 1234567,

    Yes you can download a demo of V33 and try out the new features. Use this link https://bobcad.com/19/v33/?source=CNCZONEV33 The demo software doesn't post full programs, but you can request a trial license when you talk to an account manager.

    As far as the probing feature, yes your machine has to have the marcos to support the probing cycles. V33 has 41 probing cycles for tool setters and measuring. There are more cycles that most machines support.

    Download a demo and check it out!
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Ok thanks.

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