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    Bobcad not saving settings V 21

    I've got one computer running Bobcad 21. Every time I launch the cam side I have to to into Setup, Driver, ISO and change the settings. Under options circular motion I need to uncheck the I and J box and check the with R box.

    I have to do this every time or the machine goes haywire.

    Any help much appreciated.
    Is a sentance fragment?

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    Re: Bobcad not saving settings V 21

    ...not sure about V21 but..in BC V23 there is a file called MillEditPost in the BobCad folder.
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    Re: Bobcad not saving settings V 21

    I've been running V20 since forever and have never had that problem. V23 listed above is a completely different program. V21 was the last of the good ones. How are you closing out the software? Usually mine keeps whatever I saved and was active when I close. (By clicking the X in the upper right corner.)

    Do you have a post processor assigned? Just doesn't seem right why I never have the problem and you do with essentially the same software.

    On another note, any reason you can't use I and J instead of R? It's actually a better way to do circles and radii.

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    Re: Bobcad not saving settings V 21

    Had another idea because of something that happened to me yesterday. Are you by chance running this V21 software on a Windows 10 machine, even in latency or XP emulation mode? Windows 10 Security has some default settings that block access of software to store or save to the computer. If V21 can't self save on exit, your last settings will be lost. You have to go into Windows security and allow access to your documents folders and others, telling it the BobCAD is okay to store things. Just google something like "my software won't safe in windows 10 for the route to get to security page for changing.

    Another idea is look in your BobCAD - FILE / ENVIRONMENT - GENERAL and DEFAULTS tabs and make sure you have the AUTO SAVE features checked and set for a reasonable time.

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