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Thread: BobCad V30

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    BobCad V30

    Hello all,

    My computer took a dump and I'm trying to get everything rebuilt on this new one. I need to reinstall V30. Does anyone know where I can download it? I have the license file, just need to reinstall the software. Thanks!

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    Re: BobCad V30

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    Re: BobCad V30

    Yes I did see that page but I don't see anywhere there to download version 30. It allows me to download Version 33 but my license is for 30.

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    Re: BobCad V30

    The answer to your problem is called a telephone. You have to call them. They'll need to give you a new activation number over the phone anyway. They'll want a deactivation number too, but obviously you don't have one. Just tell them your story.

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